Friday, June 28, 2019

The Relaunch!

It has been a very busy three weeks leading up to the relaunch, and now the KS has been live for 4 days.
Haven't done a Blog post as all time/energy has been channelled into that venture.
Now its at 91% on a decent trend to fund to goal very soon, but a TON of time/effort had to be placed for this.
Some examples, for those that might be interested, include:
  • Helping create TTS games for other developers
  • Creating gameplay videos for other games
  • Rebuilding the KS pages (went through three header styles and multiple layouts to get to where it is now)
  • Order/sent out prototypes to 8 different reviewers
  • Building hype via FB posts, ads, and emails
  • Videos of myself playing/using game and components
  • And so much more.
Long story short, if you plan to launch something that will succeed, it will take a lot of time, a lot of planning, a lot of professionalism, and a lot of social interactions.  Really difficult to succeed without those things, especially if not going to conventions!

Back to the KS feeds.... Strive to find/fund that last 10%!
Here is the latest KS image, and sending FB posts to DnD sites with this:
⚔️If you love DnD, but need something a little lighter for when the group can't get together or just something different and epic, check out this! ⚔️
Some very awesome art commissioned specifically for this game but could very easily adapt to your use in a DnD campaign.  AND... if you do pledge for the game you will get a bonus 5E Adventure written by the games designer!

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