Monday, April 1, 2019

How to Prepare for a Relaunch?

It has been almost two weeks since the end of the unfunded KS campaign for Legends of Novus.  I made it very clear to the backers, and any other watchers/reviewers, that the game would be relaunched in June with some changes.
The question is... what should change, and what should stay the same?  After doing some research, inquiring to people with emails, learning new skills, and just contemplating what might work, here is what I think will be most effective:

  1.  Reduce component costs/quality for initial funding goal.  Then establish higher quality components that could be earned with greater funding.  The most significant component quality to be changed is the Character Boards, turning them from thick cardboard into thinner boxboard format.  This will reduce the cost of that component by about 80%!
  2. Order new prototype that is professional quality of the final graphic designs.  The older style, and even the new PnP, does not show enough faith to viewers that the game is ready to make.
  3. Plan to revisit KS video to incorporate newer prototype into.
  4. Create a digital application and/or enhanced web site to provide more info to potential game investors.  Considering a few options, such as getting onto iTunes and Google Play stores with a basic game info application I am creating through free software called Mobincube..
  5. Create a board game review YouTube channel by FunDaMental Games.  Complete 3-5 game reviews and post on youtube.  This is to demonstrate a rudimentary understanding of board games, and attempt to gain new followers through this.
  6. Create a new game setup and training video, needs to be higher quality and clearly articulated for the How to Play video.
  7. Redo the KS promo video, most of it will stay, but the new components will need to wait.
  8. Redo the KS campaign … the biggest job of all!
I am sure there will be more, but those are the big ones...

SAMPLE self - created App for the game:

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