Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Tabletop Simulator Revisited

After spending several weeks redoing every single card in Legends of Novus, as well as the game board and a complete retype/graphics change of the rules I figured it was time to reinvest in the digital world of tabletop gaming again.
The benefits of a digital boardgame are numerous, just a few examples are:
  • The ability to change values/images on cards at any time with no expense.
  • Ability to utilize pawns/tokens to decide if they actually work with the game or not (and counters, and trackers).
  • Ability to resize different pieces, such as the Quest Creature tiles, to see what looks good and is playable in a virtual space.
  • Ability to play with people across the globe.
  • Ability to let others playtest without mailing components out or needing them to print and play it.
  • Ability to create and develop Solo Mode without having to set up your personal prototype each time.
  • Ability to record gameplay without worrying about camera position, lighting, sound, etc.
  • And many, many more.
So it is live again, and I've put out some video examples and began seeking feedback from game testers to see if anyone felt like looking at it.  Hoping a few people take interest as it can truly help work out issues and problems that I have not foreseen, or have not experienced in live playtesting yet.

Below is a sample PNG that is used to layer over the card file prior to uploading to TTS.  Intriguing process, and does not work in CMYK so all images must be RGB (at least it crashed for me every time I tried CMYK).

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