Monday, November 5, 2018

Player Aids

When it comes to making a game easy to play it is always best to either play in the mindset of a new player, or play with a group of new players without instructing them on how to play your game.

With Legends of Novus I had thought I had my Location resource guide was setup well to understand where to go without too much difficulty.  Turns out I was wrong.  Issues found were:
  • Only one guide, but four players.  Frustrating to wait to learn where to go.
  • Have to flip through 8 pages to see where to go, time consuming.
  • Hard to see where I get bonuses to XP, or earn extra rewards, etc.
Based on this I figured another Player Aid was in order... a mini legend for each player to understand how to navigate the map of Novus.
So I've designed a very simple, but handy, reference card for each player to use if they like

Hope it helps solve the concerns below...

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