Friday, December 28, 2018

Constant Progress

I have read and heard that no game is ever truly complete, it just gets created at a point in time when the designer/producer are satisfied that they have a product that delivers the gaming experience they wanted to share.
There are always new images, designs, components, and mechanics that can be introduced to improve or alter the game.  In Legends of Novus the possibilities are endless as to what could change to improve the interface and player experience, such as:
  • Adding Minatures vs Standees
  • Adding Dials vs token tracking for combat/XP
  • Making Character Sheets out of material other than paper
  • Making Coins out of plastic vs cardboard (or even metal)
  • Changing the size of cards smaller for less table space impact
  • and many, many more..
Since I am completing LoN as the only designer for FunDaMental Games, I have to decide which improvements or changes are worth doing, and which are not.  The reasons to make these decisions have to be considered for various reasons, a short list of those are:
  • Cost of Components (affects publisher and consumer)
  • Weight of Components (increases shipping fees)
  • Impact to game play (more/less complex, is it necessary, etc)
  • Physical considerations (ie Mini Cards hard to hold compared to poker cards), etc.
  • Cost of Art for new pieces/components
  • and again, many, many more.
Working with the talented artist, Andrea Butera, has been very beneficial for graphic design, and new art content.  With his support there are many changes that will be implemented, and all with the intent improving the visual and physical interactions with components.  Each of the considerations above were thought out and the decision to change has been determined to improve the game.

See below for some new art / images for coins and standees, excited to see these new options for the game!

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